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By Triveni

I am a regular customer of Zomato, the online food delivery service. Although I had chosen to ignore shortcomings in their service in the past, I humbly seek redressal of the 3 grievances mentioned below as disservice to the customer seems to have become the norm with Zomato, rather than exception. 1 -Order placed on 17th July 2017 : There was food spillage but Zomato's response was that "we cannot fix what happened, we fail sometimes but give us another opportunity to serve" to which I replied back but there was no response 2- Order on 28th July 2019 : While ordering I was unable to apply the promo code and hence lost 40% discount. I wanted to cancel the order but there is no cancel button so I tried chatting with their CS rep but the window did not open for a long time, by which time the restaurant had started to prepare the order. Also, their CS helpline is not published anywhere. Again, the response to my email was unempathetic and failed to acknowledge their shortcomings 3- Order placed on 1st Aug 2019 : Condiments were missing so I chatted with their CS exec online. The exec was least helpful, refused to disclose his name, refused to pass on my complaint to the supervisor and did not provide any resolution other than asking me to write a bad review on the restaurant so that other customers could be alerted. What a waste of my precious time and money!!! I have raised the above concerns with Zomato but I felt failed as they did not seem to care about either understanding or resolving the issue. All I received were "cold" and standard "cut and paste" responses from their unempathetic staff. I would be happy to share the emails and chat screenshots as evidence. Looking forward to your fair hearing and redressal. Kind Regards Triveni

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