Set top box issue not resolved - Zing Digital

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By Prathyush

My Zing ID is 015-2326-6216-1 Registered mobile : 9746628785 I have been using Zing dish connection from 5 years , from last 3 months I am not getting all the channels I am subscribed for due to the set top issue . I have raised a complaint 2 months back regarding the same and the customer care has informed that they need to upgrade our set top box to get all the channels. Also they informed that this will be a FREE upgrade . After I am contacting them for several times for the same issue the issue is not yet resolved. for the last 2 months I am paying money but I am unable to watch any channels what I wish to watch. Zing company and the technicians playing irresponsible and I am not getting any justice on the same. Either I need complete refund so that I can switch my connection to different service provider or they have to give me free service till they resolve the issue My Zing ID is 015-2326-6216-1 Registered mobile : 9746628785

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