Diffective Watch delivered and received watch which is very different than what is displayed on the website - www.thebestwatches.in

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By Saka

I ordered a smart watch WX2-4g Android watch from the website www.thebestwatches.in on July 27th 2019. I have received the order on July 29th 2019 however the watch is diffective and on top of that the watch is completely different from what it displayed on the website. I have been trying to call the number but there is no one available on that number after the IVR line get disconnected. I have sent couple of emails and sent message through the website portal. There is no response from the website seems like I have duped. Please help me. Cost of the watch is Rs. 1999.99 + 100 COD, I have paid Rs. 2100 to Bluedart delivery. Shipment#him8720 Tracking Number: 59638633073

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