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By Krishna Dolas

I was so happy after visiting this site and it seem quite legit to me but turned out that it was a fraud . I haven't received my order as well . My order no. is #24064 which was placed on Oct 7 and got an email that I'll receive the order hy 25 which is a lot to wait but I was fine but the date passed and I haven't received my order yet it's 2nd of November and still no response from them nothing the phone no. That they had on site is switched off couldn't open the site as well . Cod was not available so online payment was needed to be done amount rs 380/- i need my refund this is such a cruel act from them to do . So many people have lost their money on this site and it's such a fraud

Womenclothestudio Complaints - consumercomplaintonline.in

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