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By Jovita

I had placed an order on 30th Sept 2019... from I received a message that the Product will be delivered within 15 days. Post that I tried calling them, and may be was able to reach them on 8617820661. The guy on the phone said that my order is cancelled even though I did not cancel it. And he said that he will refund the amount to me. Things I found suspicious were: 1. He asked me the total amount that had to be refunded. (He had no idea about it) 2. He asked gave me a link and asked me to forward it to a particular number. 3. He then asked me to add the last four digits of my bank account number and the UPI ID and to give him the total number as he was transferring the money through Google pay. All.these years of online shopping, I have never come across of such a process of refund.

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