Fraud with the customer - UM motors india

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By Vimal Mishra

Sir I have purchased a bike from this company via UM lucknow on the date of 21/02/2018 after that this bike creating so many trouble for me each and every time this bike getting mechanical fault. Every time i forwarded to service center and they repair but again engine creates next issue. I requested them for exchange this bike but they told me that there is not any policy. But as of now they are closed without any prior notice. And now bike again making issue. Now what is my fault sir. I just want my money back and take there bike away from me. Please help me in this situation. I hope you will help me as i purchased this bike on insurance and now i am making payment bank each and every month and the bike i useless for me. They have already closed there service center and in the local market there is not any part availablity. Thats why i dont want this bike. Please sir help me.

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