I want My money which is stuck in TMW wallet because there services disabled for all customer and i need compensation. - Tmw pay (TMW wallet)

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By ejaz khan

Respected sir/madam I have loaded 10000 rupees to tmw wallet for my daily uses like electricity bill etc from my salary. But when i try to use my money error occurs services disabled temporary they give me date to resume there services but after this date i still face same problem that’s why I can’t use my money loaded to TMW wallet. Then i tried one more time to contact them they give me final deadline last week of July. But after this deadline still services not resumed. My money stuck in there wallet i cant use my money since 2nd July to now. I am salaried person I don’t have money for my daily needs. I called them on 1st August they told me they cant do anything i have to wait if i want to do anything i can. After there reply my last option is to mail Consumer complaint. Am requesting you please help me provide my refund and compensation because my money was stuck there since 2nd July. Please help me. before mailing Consumer Complaint online i was emailed this issue to consumer help line because i thought they will refund my money after there email Consumer helpline asked me to mail TMW with there Grievance Number: 1506034. i also did the same after that they replied me once again i have to wait till August 3rd week which is almost over but still i didn't got my money. am sending you there reply of my written mail with grievance number of consumer help line in attachments and tmw wallet screenshot in which my money stuck. this is there conatct details Customer Support Email: [email protected] MObile number :Call: +91 75073 75073 So please take strict action against them and provide refund and compensation to me. Thanks,

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