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I have purchased a Water Tank of 1000 Litre of Sheetal of white colour on 11th December 2016 from Shivam Sanitary, palam Vihar road, Gurgaon. On being purchase made, the tank cracked two times in the interval of 5 to 6 months each. At two times, they repaired by sticking hot melted plastic. On 13th July 2019 also, the water tank got cracked at another place in extreme bottom point. I requested at customer care to repair it on 15th July 2019, but they refused to repair it freely and is charging for the same. They refused to repair it freely due to the fact that the water tank is under warranty period. Whenever I made the complaint, they repaired it after a gap of 5 to 7 days despite repeated requests of saying shortage of water and or water scarcity due to leakage. They are very lethargic in attending the customer requests. They also refused to replace it freely and told that they will charge Rs.10 per litre. The product which I purchased is not of good quality and is cracking again and again. I, therefore request that since I am under mental agony due to cracking of water tank and they refused to repair it freely, demanding compensation of Rs. 25000. I do not want to replace it too because they are not a good quality manufacturers of water tank and they mean only to snatch the money from the customer. Therefore, I request to take strict action against them and request to instruct them to give compensation of Rs.25000 with all other costs whatever may be towards settling of the complaint. Regards (BISHWA NATH TIWARI) 9810835393

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