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By shivam awasthi

I had a lunch today at the mentioned restaurant (hajratgunj outlet). I asked them to pack the food but they refused me for the same, and said it because we were zomato gold members, they cannot pack the food for us. We talked about wastage of food, but they didn't budge and were self-righteous about their practice, and said "sir, it's not about money, it's about morals". Maybe I can't have morals when I read about starvation in India. Maybe it is embarrassing to ask the restaurants to pack half eaten food. Maybe it is respectful to waste the food that you've ordered. But it is my right as a customer to have the food I purchased, and take it anywhere I want (i even said that i could pay for the packing). I talked to some other of my friends (they do not have zomato gold membership), they said that the above mentioned restaurant denied them of packing the half eaten food as well when they asked for it. I think there are more people like that. It is my humble request to make the restaurant, pack food for its customers if they ask for it, and issue a public apology for such practice. People starve to death and thanks to the brands like these, the food that is available is going to dustbins!

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