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By Vaibhav Kulkarni

A few days ago, I purchased a pair of shirts online from "Shirt Cooper". On the website, the shirts looked pretty good. When I received the order I noticed that the shirts are of cheap quality, they are totally different from the shirts displayed on the website. So, immediately I wrote them a mail saying "I would like to initiate a Return/Refund process". Within 15 minutes, I received an mail saying "Thank You for reaching us Our customer care will get back to you ASAP". Now, it's been 11 days since I haven't received any response. So, today I checked for their phone number online and tried to call, they picked up and started asking questions like - How much amount did you pay? Then they asked, do you have any Google Pay(Tez), PhonePe, etc which are the online transaction apps. Then I said I have Google Pay, then the asked me the phone number that is registered on the app I told them. A while later, the guy tells me to open your calculator app and enter the last 4 digits of your account number, I found something fishy so I cut the call. A few minutes later, I called them again and this time I said I don't have any online transaction app then suddenly, the guy says "Sorry sir, I will have to call you back". Now it's hours and I haven't received any call. This is a complete fraud case. I request you to please look into the matter. Thank You.

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