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By Rahul Jha

On 2nd Feb,2020, I placed an order on this site. The order was confirmed through mail, but after that no update was received. So I checked the status of the package on that site but it was showing cancelled. The order was one Dr. Vaku oneplus 7 pro ultra edge to edge protection full glass. There support team was going to provide a resolution by 10th Feb 2020 but it is 13th Feb and I haven't heard anything from there team till now. And they tell me they have escalated things, but from the last 11 days I haven't heard any resolution from them, I called their support team centre but no one answered. The site is also great first the order gets confirmed and when the payment is done ,the order gets cancelled automatically and the money's gone without even hinting anything about refund. I have been patiently waiting to hear from them from the last 11 days and lately they do not even reply to mail I sent regarding my purchase. The amount was Rs. 536.06, please If you could do anything about this I will be obliged. My order no. is 1101660066 and below is the payment receipt I did through phonepe. Help me.

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Rahul Jha  (8 months ago)
The purchase amount was Rs. 563.06.
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