worst management - Rbl bank credit card

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By Sumit Kaur

There was my credit card bill amount for the month of September they are misguiding me alot I have called at their customer care and spoke with their supervisor his name was Ajit Singh and he was rude after listening to my complaint I had my bill of Rs 8207 and I told them to make EMI on that amount and they made the EMI on rs 6200 and rest 2151 I have paid now they send me the bill of Rs 17000 and when I asked them why you send this they told me that they have send me the amount on which I made the EMI That is 6200 with 20% interest on that and send me the EMI amount also and when I told them to remove they are arguing like you call us and irritate us this statement was from their supervisor I have all the recordings how they talk with us and what amount was their for my bill

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