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By Mazid

Hello sir I'm Mazid from New Delhi . Sir I am looking for phone on Quikr and I got one person who sell phone in 10000 and he told me too transfer half money then I will proceed your order and half money on COD . Sir for deliver by Delivery I pay 398 via paytm and transfer 5000 money via itzcash after that service told me that 5000 is not transcit to them account . I talk to company and he told me ask them too give passbook updated detail . Then servicer gave me the statemeyof his bank account but that is not valid according to itzcash management. After that that person told me if the cash is transfer by you after that it is not received yet . So he told me pay 5000 if ur cash received any day that's fare if cash is not came on my account then I call u . So sir I pay again 5000 on his account sir after that he his making lots of excuses and he is nor deliver my phone not giving his account detail.

Quikr Complaints -
Quikr Complaints -

Mazid  (1 year ago)
Plz take ASAP legal action on it plz sir
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