Rs. 10000/- not trasferred to payee account - PhonePe

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By Ruchi

MONEY DEDUCTED BUT NOT TRANSFERRED TO PAYEE ACCOUNT I have done 10,000/- Rs online transaction using PhonePe app. On 1 Aug my account debited for 10, 000/- Rs and Kept with SBI not credited to payee. Phone pe site not responding. Called PhonePe app help customer service. After some hours they told me to wait for 3 days before credit can happen and As per message it will give credit on 4th Aug, Which is Sunday. I have tried to contact again on PhonePe App but till now they have not responded. Now at 9:20 again i called on customer care number, they told me to wait till 11Aug. I need this money urgently. Phone pe is a harassment company. Electronic tfr takes less than 5 minutes. Phone pe if you use will take 10-11days to one week. I shall not use phone pe again and advice all friends to discontinue. Thanks Ruchi

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