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By Ritika

I I ordered an Anarkali set for Rs 699 from a website called phen-nava. And when the order arrived two days later, a piece of a dirty market kurti came out in it, which would be barely 200 rupees.When I emailed them, there was no respons. I notice when I opened the website that is it always going to end their sale in one and half hour,whether it is open after 2 days or after 5 days, it shows that they fool people. And I also asked the delivery boy, but no answer came from this, it is clear that all are involved in that they are fooling people. ( Delivery boy phn no. From That I got a call for payment and whom I paid for delivery - 7728018957) In the future, it should not happen to anyone else, so the truth of such websites should be discussed before everyone and they should also be punishe.

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