REFUND OF MONEY - OYO and Google Pay

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By Abdul Nishar Khan

I had booked a room at hotel Manali at Ahmedabad on 13/07/2019 and had made a advance payment of ₹ 1137/- through my Google Pay account vide transaction ref no.919420031837, but due to unforeseen circumstances I had to cancel my booking of OYO on 25/07/2019, as per their policy the amount after cancellation would take 7 to 14 working hours but still the amount is not credited into my bank accounts, on asking from OYO representatives they say your amount is already being credited back and was asked to contact Google Pay authorities further they are responsible, OYO had provided me the below information of refund transaction Refund Settled from our end, Find the details:- "Transaction ID :-si11cfwlonnplv0veo2qy1gx Refund ID :- xnw4az3trkwe9u2w0wpox8g Refund Amount :- 1137 ​ if you have not received your refund Kindly contact your Source and tell them to share charge back form with oyo." I contacted Google Pay with the above information but they did not agree with the refund details given by OYO, Google Pay demanded the UPI & RRN details of OYO but OYO did not provide me with UPI details, I have been swinging between the two for my hard earned money of ₹ 1137 & feel to be cheated, I request for early & favorable action.

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