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By Pankaj yadav

Owner of this company send me msg that they provide second hand iphones on very cheapest rate and for booking i gave them 5000 and they said in three days means today (saturday) iphone xs max 64 will delivered in second half time so today i recieved a call from blue dart mahipalpur(‭1860 233 12 34‬) that we have a parcel name of you and please contact to the company that we hold this parcel because we are unable tocollect that amount from you. So the company can mail us that yes we recieved our partial amount you are not laible for this amount then in 2 hrs we deliver your parcel to you then i call that person whom i talk for 3-4 days on(‭+91 89487 83758‬) this number and then he said ok than you sent the amount then we sent the confirmation mail to them and i send the amount to him but after that he transfer his call to another number and not picking my number and also logout on whatsapp too some details i attach below please help me out and take him in behind the bars

Mobicop mobile gallery(Aries GSM gallery) Complaints -
Mobicop mobile gallery(Aries GSM gallery) Complaints -

Chetan  (1 year ago)
Same here.. wt i cn do.?? Plz hlp me.. how to collect payment from thid person
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