Escalation #JS72102251356: Livpure unable to service the RO in warranty - Livpure

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By Sovil

Escalation #JS72102251356 ICCR No. ICR1907295713682 We bought Livpure glotouch last year, the product is still under warranty. 2 weeks back the touch panel of the RO stopped working. We filed a complaint and the engineer visited. He told the panel needs to be changed and asked us to close the call basis which he wd bring in the replacement part later. One week later there is a no show, so we raised another service request. This time after many calls to the service in-charge of Gurgaon as well as the assigned engineer, the engineer comes post 24 hours. Then he replaces the panel and still no water is coming out of the RO. He spends 2 hours disconnecting all the wires from inside, trying to talk to someone over the phone for instructions on how to repair this. This entire drama ends when the so called equiped engineer gives up. As he has got no spare parts to repair this further. Point to note, our product is still under warranty. While placing the services request and escalations, we had specifically requested Livpure team to equip the visiting engineer with all the required parts. But still that didn't happen. Implying even the escalations at Livpure as a big scam! End result, again the second Service call closed and nothing resolved. Engineer is his words, "I replaced the panel, it didn't work, so what can I do?" CALL CLOSED!!! We have no water coming out of the RO through the touch.

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