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By Rakesh Pathak

I am Rakesh Pathak. I purchased a set of two single bed matresses in November 2018. Shopkeeper has told me that there is warranty of 7 years on product if it gets defected. The company intentionally kept warranty cards within the sealed mattress, that means if you purchase it even then only you can read out terms and conditions. after getting the warranty card I got to know that tearing of matresses are not covered in warranty but Shopkeeper has told it will be covered. Again one of the matress is extreme spongy which makes uncomfortable. This is also not covered in Kurlon's warranty conditions. My point is 1. If the kurlon was genuine to take its warranty , why not warranty card taken taken out sealed mattress? 2. I shall have suffer because I trusted I brand? And I have preferred it among others? 3. Company claim the comfort in its advertisement s then why not this be included in its warranty card at least for a year? 4. If without a reason the mattress is torn and it's stiching are open, should nt this be a accountability of Kurlon? 5. Since 2 months I have been facing lots of stress and physical problems due to this, because I trusted this fraud company Kurlon? 6. The amount 14000/- which I have given for both matresses is also the big for a middle-class family. Now I wants a legal action and compansation on the fraud of Kurlon. Regards Rakesh Pathak

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