Dispute of amount - HDFC

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By Shubham Deepak Bagul

This is a dispute complaint againts hdfc as the credit limit was 35000 and till now I dont have any credit card or but still I made the payments of that money which I have not used but still I was ready to pay as someone as given my address for this card but even after paying till the time 30000 thousand they are continuously calling and telling still 30000 more thousand has been left which is to be paid hence abuse done by the collection executive with my family when i wasn't present at house nd still coming to my house there is my granny and my mother they are critically sick and the hdfc people are saying that I have got debit and credit charges dont know how so asked the hdfc guy in the branch near me in chembur but the person said that it is charges and they have deducting my two months salary from the account as I have stopped depositing the salary to that account and hence they said 30000 thousand is still pending and the lady named as neha speeks so arogantly to my family and using absue words and when i asked for the settlement she did having courtesy to say that she wont do the settlement and hence the person named as ankita and Rajendra gaikwad is visiting my house in absence of me and abusing my family sometime before i called him to make payment he said that I m no longer working with hdfc and now he he coming and stating that he is employee of HDFC these people are cheaters even after there is no credit card used by me and i dont have it still i was paying amount as i dont wanted the people to visit the house so kindly do needful action against them and I hope definitely forum will take action against them and this is the humble request from a middle-class family please sir/madam save us from this people

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