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By Surjit

I have been using the credit card no. 4893-7724-0080-5319, name of surjit singh dua.the concern is i am using the card from last 10 years and i have paid all the bills and dues on time but because of financial reasons my last billed was skiped that was around 5700 only . i am getting around 30 calls on daily basis i already told them i will clear my all the billed amount in next week but still i am harassing by the call center with 30 calls on daily basis. more ever yesterday i got a call from 9878585731 from 15 times and he said i am calling from hdfc bank and rather you pay your bill on today otherwise ghar se maar k le k aaunga and teri jeb mein paise hai teri aukat hai kya ya ,tu meri compalined kya karega i am the manager here he is having every record of my outgoing calls as well today he called to my outgoing no's and said ki sale ko samcha do and abused them like anything , you guys are spoling my reputation making 30 calls daily now he is calling on my personal contacts i dont know from where he is getting the data but i will not tolerate any more . kindly stop this practice otherwise i will take legal action and go to the rbi and ombudsman. this is my request to take this matter on serious note i am mentally harass by hdfc bank i will take every step to prevent my self respect otherwise i am just fed up and harrsing by you on daily basis kindly write down the no.s from me and my friend and relatives are getting calls 0172-5129166 from these no.s my friends and relative are getting calls HDFC collection team abused and using bad words for me. 9878585731 he abused me from this no. Even in the night on daily basis it is also a HDFC collection team's no.i am getting on daily basis 0172-5230800 0172-5129198 01725129147 01725129156 01725230800 01725129138 01725129112 01725129112 01725230825 01725230800 01725129165 01725230809 01725129137 01725129102 01725230800 01725230811 01725230880 0172523782

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