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By Ramandeep kaur

I booked air ticket from Tirupati to Hyderabad and it got cancelled by airlines. For which i informed the my third party Happeyeasygo for refund of the same. The bill raised by 3rd party was not inclusive of convenience fees as they given me discount by reversal of fees as mentioned in their invoice. Now they refunded me the amount after deducting convenience fees as they said this amount is non refundable. How they can deduct the amount which was earlier given me as a discount or which was not charged at the time booking. Now they say it was included in their internal system but in my invoice it got reversed by the company itself as an discount provided to customer. Now i want my amount Rs1750 which was deducted in the convenience fees which was not even charged at the time of booking ticket, so how they can deduct at the time of refunding me.

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