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Today on 01.08.2019, my wife Mrs. Kashish reached Bengaluru Airport on time and reported to Go Air counter as per time norms for Bengaluru to Delhi flight of 11:40AM. The ground staff gave the wrong gate number as show on her boarding pass because of which she was denied boarding the plane. When She informed the Airline of their mistake, they didnot cooperate with her, instead misbehaved with her and made her wait for the next flight to Delhi which was on 03:45 PM as shown in the attached file. No arrangements were made for her during the mean waiting time. She was supposed to reach delhi on 02:30PM because of their irresponsible behavior and lack of accountability, she waited at airport for 4 hrs and reached Delhi at 08:10PM I request you to raise a suit of Rs 1 Crore against them for the mental harassment she faced on airport and lack of compassion of the Airlines towards the consumer. These airlines always get away with their mistakes, its time to make them pay and Indian Government should start a regulatory body for them just as in case of banks, insurance.

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