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By Jitender kumar

I received a call from a company called as frox enterprises, they said that they saw my application on quikr for data entry job and they said that there are no registration charges, i have to complete 1200 forms in 8 days and they'll pay me 20 rupees per form which is equal to 24, 000 rupees, and they'll deduct 4300 from my first salary as registration fees, and then this agreement is going to be valid for 11 months, they sent me the terms nd conditions form, and i got a confirmation call from the company. And i agreed to do this job. Later, the next day somehow i found out that this company is fake and there is no such company in vapi, gujarat. Now, i have found out that this company was running in the name of rex enterprises and then they ask the people to sign the agreement, giving them fake assurance of money payment. There are various complaints that are registered in the name of this company. They criteria is to call people and then make them agree for the job and then they threaten those people saying that they'll take legal action against them. Please help me out with this. Thank you. Complaint comments Add a Comment Share0 Tweet

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