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By Apra Yadav

I had received a call on 26th November 2019 from a person named ‘Vivan’(Mobile no. 8140352611, email: [email protected]) from a company called as ‘Frox Enterprises’, the person said that he had seen my application on ‘Quikr’-online portal for jobs for ‘Work from home jobs’ and he said that there are no registration charges, i have to complete 1200 forms in 8 days and the company will pay me Rs. 20 per form which is equal to Rs. 24000/- for 1200 forms. Also, the company will deduct 4300 from my first salary as registration fees. He sent me a link in whatsapp from his number and asked me to download an app and told to sign on that app and they automatically generated an agreement. I got a confirmation call from the company. And i agreed to do this job. After that they gave me a login id and password to logon on to fill 1200 forms in 8 days. I completed the work and as per allotted time and rechecked all forms and downloaded a pdf copy of it on 04-12-2019. On 05-12-2019 a girl from the company called me and asked me to submit Rs 4900/- and she will correct all my forms and within hours I’ll get Rs 24000/- but I refused to give her the money as I was sure that more than 95% of my filled forms are correct. According to me I had achieved more than 95% accuracy still they show 85%. So I compared the Quality Check Report they sent me with my pdf and found out that they have changed the forms filled by me and created mistakes from the back-end. Later a girl named ‘Naina’(Mobile: 9925597103) from so called ‘Advocate Association’ (email: [email protected]) called me and asked me to submit Rs 4900/- and she will give me two more days to correct all the forms which were shown wrong in Quality Check report but I refused to pay her and told her that someone has changed forms filled by me from the back-end and I gave her few proofs as I has the pdf downloaded with me with which I compared. Then today (09-12-2019) again I got a call from a girl calling herself as ‘Advocate Simran Sharma (mobile no. 7265863071)’ from ‘Advocate Association’ and told me that a case has been filed against me in the ‘District Court-Aurangabad’, which was again sounding false as the firm is from Gujarat and as per agreement the arbitration shall be in Gujarat in case of any dispute. After that I have searched on internet about the firm and found out that many others registered complaints of ‘Similar Fraud’ against the company. They are again and calling me, blackmailing me, harassing me mentally and forcing me to submit the money. Instead of giving me Rs. 24000/- of my hardwork they are demanding money from me. This firm shall be blacklisted and must be given an appropriate punishment so that may not harass other innocent people with their trap.

Faizan Jafar Shaikh  (1 year ago)
plz reply me because my problem is same problem but I have not completed work But I pay all compensation fees to company They calling me in Delhi court
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