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By Somil Sachan

Hello this is the updated regarding the new scam going now days for data entry job they are trying to persuade you by giving offer from work from home options giving you 20-25 k for the 1200 form and will ask you to sign in by giving ur adhar card details and they will generate a fake agreement stamp and send you and then they will try to put difficulty because they know that amount of work can't be completed and if you somehow complete they will somehow just deny to pay by giving you stupid reason and then on other hand they will say that you have to pay us the termination amount because bla bla mistakes and all this even say they will file legal companlain but they all are fake and they can't do nothing so don't pay a single penny block them after giving them maa bhen type language and then most imp . thing report to the nearest police station and cyber crime cell. Because if you let go these mother fucker will still find a way to make others Target.

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