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By Vandana Yadav

I have been visiting Fortis hospital Shalimar bagh Delhi from last 4 months. I always book an online appointment with Dr Sunita Varma but the coordinator and other staff always sent me to Dr Poonam lata or Dr Netra who are much Junior to Dr Sunita Varma. I was unaware of this fraud till today as I have considered Dr Poonam lata to be Dr Sunita Varma. Today I requested the coordinator that I wish to visit Dr Sunita Varma she along with Loveena started fighting with me. They said they will do this over and again and wouldn't allow me to meet Dr Sunita Varma as all Dr are a part of a team. I asked then why Sunita Varma charges Rs 1500/- whereas fees of Dr Poonam lata and Dr Netra is 800/- and 600/- respectively. For this they had no answer. Loveena said we will work this way do whatever you want to. We won't allow you to meet Dr Sunita Varma even you pay in the name of her or you have appointment with her . I want to raise the grievance if I have an appointment with senior and expensive Dr then why I have been befooled in her name and why was I forced to meet other doctors.

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