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By Sandhya

Hello I have ordered a mobile on 28th July from flipkart and choosed payment option as EMI no cost from credit card, They deducted the payment and after two days the product will delever as shown in my order section. But two days later they removed the order details from my order section. When I called and asked about the product , they took time for 72 hours, after 72 hours, they again took time for 48 hours, and after 48/hours they mail us for the bank details as they said that they will refund within 24 hours , now its been 12 days and they are still not refund payment, and my credit card bill generated including the amount of EMI. which I have to pay, Flipkart in not responding properly. And said the problem is from seller, I respond that we dont know about the seller , we ordered from flipkart not with seller, Also when I said that I will complaint against this , they said yes you can do. Kindly help us ,

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