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In Electronics & Appliances

By Arvind Kumar

In Electronics & Appliances, I had ordered from “ezeekart” online shopping company a JBL wireless SPEAKER with wireless bluetooth earbuds with ordered number 3114725856 for Rs.1439/-with payment ID 309219912 which contained a JBL Earpod free with JBL BLUETOOTH SPEAKER in the combo offer in my order on 17/03/2020. BUT WHEN I RECEIVED THE ORDER,THE PARCEL DIDN’T CONTAIN ANY EARPOD IN IT, ALSO THE SPEAKERE IS DUPLICATE, INGENUINE, INFERIOR & VERY CHEAP QUALITY PRODUCT. ITS NOT AT ALL THE PRODUCT I HAD ORDERED AS SHOWN IN ECOMMERCE WEBSITE i.e. I AM HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED and DISSATISFIED WITH THE DELIVERED PRODUCT. I am receiving No response from the ezeekart company, NEITHER BY PHONE NUMBER NOR BY CHST OR EMAIL. Its email id mentioned on website is also fake. Neither they are not allow you to login with your existing password nor accpeting forgot password options to login so that you can't request for return, I don't know how facebook allow such company to cheat with their customers. Facebook should take action against such fraudulent companies and cyber cells should also take action against them.

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