For Abusing my mother and me by local area broadband dealer of this company - Excite Broadband Company

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By Himkar Nigam

My name is Himkar nigam I settled up my internet broadband connection by the Excitel company broadband service provider and in my area it is famous by den service provider and they took 3500 rupees for all set up n plans and after that I was facing connectivity issues many times and after that technicians of that company came n solved my problem but after that many times problem comes n go and today when I complaint to the service provider he abuses my mother and me on call for not responsible for our connections and refused to return my money back so please I need your help support me n help me please Thank you Local area dealer no Vimal 06388986305 Hemu 093692 52372

Himkar Nigam  (3 months ago)
Please Help me and support me
Shaik Ibrahim  (3 months ago)
I also faced same issue with excitel, later I stopped using excitel broadband service.I also faced connectivity issues, when I go to local Excitel office to solve connectivity issue, they used to talk very rudely with me.They say we are not sitting 24/7 for u to help.They come after 2-3 days.Again internet goes twice a week.dont use excitel internet service
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