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Reliance trends - Excess price charged.

By Anup Roy on 09 Oct 21

On dated 09/10/2021 I have bought two pairs of ladies footwear and one pair of gents footwear. I was told by reliance trend employees that if I bought two parbof shoes then I will get one pair of shoe free. The price was tagged with Rs 1895, Rs 1985 and Rs799-. Later I have checked the price in AJIO that these shoes are actually much lesser. Also when I checked the bill which they provide us after payment, I found that the billed price and tagged price displayed is not same. They Tagged with higher price. I e, They are cheating with customers. Now I would like to return the whole item as I am feeling cheated and Deprived. Not only that they have cheated with country as they are not paying the tax against the actual collection from customer. Hence you are requested to instruct your outlet to accept my return request otherwise I may proceed to consumer forum. My complaint against the address is : Trends Foot wear, Reliance Retail Ltd, Reliance Footprint, City Centre Agartala, Ground floor, CIN NO: U01100MH1999PLC120563,, Tech expert ID as per bill: 30000110 Customer relationship ID as per bill: 9436311011 Supply State GSTN Number: 16AABCR1718E1Z5 Wishing your reply With anticipation Anup Roy

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Reliance trends - Exchange and asked for extra money

By Gagan Singh Raghuvanshi on 28 Sep 21

I hv brought tshirt from trends which is located in harda district, GP mall. The product had some diffect by production, i went there same day but your staff didnt exchange on same day, they asked me to come tomorrow, and again and agin went there for next 4 - 5 days thn they said they will call me on mobile. Next 15 days i was waiting like a fool and nobdy calld. Yesterday i went there for exchange but they said now offer is closed and if i wnt to exchange any product i must pay extra money . What you people think customers are fool. They denied to exchange on same rate even product was already choosne by me before 15 days. I want my money back thats it.

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Reliance trends - Coupon

By CH.Hepsi on 29 Aug 21

Coupons invalid not redeemable for what reason. Now i want to go and ask in showroom at pondy bazaar branch

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Reliance trends - Misbehavior of staffs

By Sumeet rout on 29 Aug 21

Today o visited reliance trends outlet at sambalpur Odisha were while my had taken fee dresses to trail room but there seem to be some size issues as her regular dress size was coming loose in the product so she asked reduced size which I handed her over outside from area outside the ladies changing room. Where I first of all astonished to see a gent staff posted outside ladies changing section and secondly he very rudely snatched away the dress from my hand telling that only 3dress are allowed to trail. Even when the earlier 3dresses were returned due to size issues. What sort of service and discipline protocol is this??? Do your staffs know basic behaviour and do your management knows who should be posted where???

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Reliance trends - Regarding rude behaviour

By Ashwini R on 13 Aug 21

Hi sir/madam Am having a small baby for the sake of nagarpanchami I had been to trends to purchase cloth for my baby the shop is in dharwad jublii circle after the purchasing of around nearly 1500 rupees I went for the billing it was night the staff in the billing counter said that still we didn't inward the clothes so unable to do billing my question without inwardly how they display the clothes, customers don't come to play there in such a pandemic Corona situation we spent so much of time and purchased a cloth but the same pattern pant was purchased by a another customer who was spending 2000 they can process the bill not for us why he us telling to come in the morning we are not localities we have to come from such a long distance Atlast my question is 1500 is not the money who is spending 2500 more is a really customer such a hopeless staffs & also the security is also so so rude totally such a bad experience I don't even suggest anyone to go there unnecessary who want to lose there respect infornt of that uncultured staffs they spoiled our whole day by their behavior

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Reliance trends - Exchange cloths

By Sujata pravin karpe on 19 Jul 21

Respected sir, I had purchased Cloth in the month of April 21.i want to change the cloths in size because size has very large when I go there for exchange cloths first time they talk me u will come in next month system is not created last bill bez lockdown ,then after in the month of May his staff talk same sentence....then I finally go there today I meet Sr manager rushikesh shinde they talk I m nt exchanging Cloth our system nt created last bill.They don't have value of customer money and time.he said like I m the senior manager my decision is last.they don't have any manners to talk with a people .Please take this seriously ...otherwise reliance trend is a big reseller bt do to this type of staff will unable to purched from that ..also brnaded cloths are nt to exchange there...please this seriously

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Reliance trends - Regarding exchange

By Kavya Rajashekar on 11 Jul 21

Hi. I am placing a complaint against reliance trends uppal (asian cinemas). We had purchased clothes worth of 9k on 6/7/2021. However as there was no trial room we had to exchange 3 clothes after trying the same at home. The exchange was made on 9/7/2021. On trying out 2 of exchanged clothes, the size being too large, we went to the store for exchanging size to medium. My husband had forgotten to take the bill but had a soft copy of the same. The store denied the return stating original bill has to be produced. I've been making purchases with trends since inception and feel reliance could've given us benefit of doubt and trusted us with the return. We have wasted so much time in this exchange process and feel hurt for facing such embarrassment at the store. When every other purchase is being made online why is reliance could not accept soft copy of the bill. We are extremely hurt with the behaviour. I would request action to be taken in this regard.

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Reliance trends - Exchange not happening

By Abhimanyu on 26 Jun 21

I bought two products for ?1400. And I mistakenly went for a size greater than required. And they arnt exchanging it saying as it has been bought in an offer. But i am ready to purchase another product at a higher price as well. Kindly help out.

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Reliance trends - Amount paid for online order but goods not received.

By geethanjali k bilagi on 07 Apr 21

On 01.04.2021 i visited your R T Nagar, Bangalore Reliance Trends show room and wanted to purchase tops. One of your sales girl called Supriya informed that if I place order in online I will be getting discounts and the tops selected by me will be dispatched to my residence, for which I agreed. Then she tried placing the order in the Kiosk but I did not receive any OTP to my mobile, so she entered her mobile no.9900478577 and placed the order. Then actually I want cash on delivery but as it did not accept she asked for my card, then I gave my Bank of Baroda Credit Card which was accepted and I received a message on my mobile for the same. But she said the order did not get placed, anyways your money will be refunded within 24 hours. So I left the store and waited for 2 days. After two days I visited the shop on Sunday again to check the status, but again in vain no reply the SM of the store Ms.Neena said I will be receiving a call from your side for confirmation. But till today after lapse of 7 days also there in no call nor any updates from your store. I also checked with our Credit Card customer care of Bank of Baroda who also confirmed about the transaction being successfully approved and the amount has been credited to your Jio Mart account with Transaction ID No,R45135, which I have already informed your R T Nagar Store, on 04.04.2021. I had a very bad experience with them, now they are not lifting my call also. I cannot visit the store daily to check the status, I don't understand what is taking so long to complete the transaction. I request you sir to please either deliver the goods ordered or cancel my order and give me back the money debited to my CC account with two days, failing which I will be forced to approach District Consumer Commission for my legal rights against your Store claiming refund and compensation. With regards, GEETHANJALI K BILAGI (9945194189) B 207, Favourite Elegance Apts, Shampura Main Road, K B Sandra, R T Nagar Post, BANGALORE 560032

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Reliance trends - Prices are showroom are much higher

By Abhishek kumar on 10 Mar 21

On 8th March 2021, I have done shopping at trends showroom , v3s mall, delhi of about Rs 27000. But later I got to know that products that I have bought from your showroom are available at much cheaper price online at, SAME PRODUCTS AND SAME BRAND. This mean you are cheating customers by selling clothes and accessories at higher price then what is available to customers online. And there is a difference of about 30-40% in price. Online same things are 30-40% cheaper than what you are offering at your trends outlet. I have been cheated and fooled by RELIANCE TRENDS. I will make sure that no one else has to go through same thing. I will try my best to make people aware about this.

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Reliance trends - Exchange issue

By Ranjit on 10 Mar 21

Sir, Yesterday (march9) I purchased for 2000rs. After 3 hours I went to exchange one item with Bill and tag. But they refused. I I left it in the store. Pls solve it. Store:Vallioor Trends,Tirunelveli district

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Reliance trends - Torn products supplied

By M.C.Philip on 24 Feb 21

We regret to state here that you had supplied us torn products for Rs 999 really horrible and shocking to get such products after paying 100% payments.....immediately refund our money and take back your product

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Reliance trends - ????? ?????? ???? ?????? ???? ?????? ?????? ?? ??? ?? ???? ???? ? ????? ??????? ?? ?????? ??

By veerpal singh on 20 Feb 21

RelianceOne Team, Reliance Corporate Park, Building 3A, 2nd Floor, Thane-Belapur Road, Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai – 400701 ????: ????? ?????? ???? ?????? ???? ?????? ?????? ?? ??? ?? ???? ???? ? ????? ??????? ?? ?????? ?? ????? ???? ?????? ?? ???????? ???? Trends ????? ????? ????? ?? ?????? ???? ??? ?? ???? ?? ????? ?????? ???? ?????? ???? ?? ???????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ????? ?????? ???? ?? ???? ???? ?? ?? ???????? ?? ???? you can go now here ???????? ?? ???? ???? ???? ??? ????? ??? ??? ?? ?? ??????? ??? ???? ??? ????? ???? ?? ???? ???? ??? ??? ?? ????? Available ???? ?? ???? ?????? ?? ??????? ???? ???????? ????? ???? ????? ?? ?? ????? ???? ?????? ??? | ??? ?????? ???? ?? ?? ????? ???? ?? ?? ???? ???? ???? ?? ????? ?? ?? ???? ?????? ??? ???? ?? ?? ??? ???????? ?? ???? ??? ??????? ?? ?? ????? ?? ???? ??? CCTV ?????? ?? ????? ??? ???? ??? CCTV ????? ?? ?? ??? 1:20 ?? 1:45 ?? ??? ???? ??? | ???? ??? ????? ???????? ?? 18 ???? ????? ?? ???? ??? ?? ?? 02-02-2021 ?? 09-03-2021 ?? ??? ??? ?? ?? ???? ????? ???????? ???? ?? ???? ?? ?? ????? ??? ???? ???????? ???? ??? ?? ???????? ????? ?????? ?????? ?? ?? ?????? ?? ???? ??? ??? ?? ???? ?? ??? ??? ???????? ?? ???? ???? ?????? ?? ?? ?? ????? ?????? ?????? ???? ?? ????? ???? ?? ???? ?????????? ???? ???? ???????? ?? ??? ?????????? ?? ???? ?????? ?? ???? ???? ???? ???????? ???? ?????? ? ???? ??? ???????? ? ??????????? ?? ??? ???????? ?? ???? ??? ? ???????? ???? ???? | ?????? 20-02-2021 ?????? ???? ?????? ?????? ?????? ????? ????? ????? ?????? 243201 ?????? 7017241255 9639894612

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Reliance trends - Misbehabiour by Mr Sahil Head Cashier at Trends,KC City Centre,Jammu

By Rakesh Gupta on 10 Feb 21

Sir I had bought one dress from Trends on 09.02.20 at 8.20pm which was billed for size Xl whereas I had to get the M size.I requested for changing the Article at the same time but one Mr sahil who introduced himself as head cashier refused to do the same as he said its company's policy that we replace products next day which sounded bizarre to me because i was still in the store and just asking for change in size of dress.I asked Mr Sahil for giving me details of policy then he stated that the system is offline and it will not accept replacement. Anyhow I left the store and visited it today for replacement but the gentleman again resorted to cheap tactics and he kept me waiting in the store for almost one hour on the pretext that the phone number for OTP was wrongly fed.I am very fond of the products of reliance but this kind of attitude of staff at reliance discourages me from revisiting that store. Yours sincerely Rakesh Gupta

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Reliance trends - Miss behaviour from staff

By Subrat rout on 31 Jan 21

Miss behaviour of one staff name MANAS KUMAR BEHERA. when I visited to trends, I did not found a size than I ask to a staff for that. He replied me that he can't help as he told me that he is a backend Staff. When I asked him what is backend Staff again he replied me he is like the manager. I found his name from his bedge that was reflecting on his shirt. After that I had waited for a long time in 2nd floor but no body was help to me. Finally I went to helpdesk the same happen with me from a staff named dipak Nayak. Lastly I decided to out from store with disappointed. Its very pathetic behaviour from reliance trends, Bhadrak staff.

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Reliance trends - Manager has misbehave with me

By Maina Panwar on 09 Jan 21

An year ago I met a person in reliance mart . I asked him for job he told me that this store labour is not of your level job , You can try for higher level job then after few days in mid night around 11:45 I received messages from him about my profile picture of WhatsApp. At the time I removed my picture . And even after this I asked him few tes that is there any vacancy available for me. I everytime says that I'll tell you . And today I asked him that is there any vacancy available for me then he misbehaved with me which is totally unacceptable.

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Reliance trends - Billing for extra cloth

By Jayapradeepa on 02 Jan 21

The billing counter has included an clothing which we did not buy. But without reviewing the bill, we had paid the amount. We noticed the extra amount only after coming home. We would like to get the refund please

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Reliance trends - Online payment issue

By Chandana Rani Das on 15 Dec 20

Dear sir, It is inform to State that I m fully upset and very bad impression on relience trend shopping.becz before 8days(dt-07/12/2020) After shopping did online transaction by phone pay my transaction successful in a few seconds but your cash department told me he did not got any mony and money will be returne to my account but after phone pay compliant it's totally show transaction is successfully..but how ur bank didn't found's too bad ..near a new open reliance trend

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Reliance trends - Fraud selling

By Abhishek Shukla on 20 Nov 20

I purchase cloth 18 .11.2020 of rs 5600 but he fraud in sence of diwali gift and deduction rs7141

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Reliance trends - Problem reliance strore staff, pitapuram store

By thrinadh on 16 Nov 20

Recently we have purchased shirts from reliance trends store at pitapuram, we have been trying to exchange the clothes, but they are denying and telling that, visit on next day. no responsible answer from pitapuram reliance trends shop staff. I have been buying clothes at reliance trends, we have good services at kakinada branch, but at pitapuram it is not. kindly solve the problem.

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Reliance trends - Bag or cover not given for the shirt worth 900

By Shanthini on 12 Nov 20

Today purchased a shirt from trends,vadavalli,coimbatore,tamilnadu,they asked for extra charges for the bag,they didn't even provide a brown or polythene cover. For 900 rs shirt.kindly provide a solution

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Reliance trends - Cheating and not return payment bill. Then there purchasing

By Shivraj Pawak on 24 Oct 20

?? ???? ?????? ?? ??? ??????? ???????? ??????? ????????? ?? ??? 8.30 ?????? ?????? 24.10.2020 ?? ???? ?????? ??? ? ???????? ?? ????? ?????? ?? ????? ?? ???? ????? ??? ?? ???? ?????? ????? ?? 1000 ????? ????? ?? ?????? ?????? ???? ??? ???? ?? ????? ??? ?? 199 ????? ?? ?? ????? ???? ???? ??? ???? ??? ?? ?? 199 ????? ?? ??? ??? ??? ? ?? ????? ?? ??? ??? ???? ?????? ?? ??? ????? ??? ?? ?????? ?????? 1000 ????? ????? ?? ?? ?? ???? 199 ????? ?? ???? ???????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ??? ??? ??? ????? ?? ???? ?????? ?? ?? ???? ?? ????? ????? ??? ????? ?????? ?????? ?? ???? ?? ??? ?? ???? ? ???? ?????? ?????? ?? ??????? ?? ?????? ???? ???? ???? ??????? ????? ?????? ???? ?? ???? ???? ??? ?????? ???? ?? ??? ?? ????? ???? ?? ???? ???? ?? ??? ?? ????? ?? ??? ?? ???? ??? ?????? ??? ???? ??? ?????? ????? ?? ??? ????? ???? ?? ??? ?? ????? ?? ?????? ?? ?? ??????? ?? ?????? ???? ???? ?????? ?????? ???? ?? ??? ???? ????? ???? ?? ??? ?? ????? ????? 1/2 ????? ???? ????? ????? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ????? ???? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ???? ???? ??? ?? ??? ?? ???? ?????? ?? ?????? ?? ????? ?? ???? ??? ????? ????????? ???? ?? ???? ???? ?? ?????? ?????? ?? ?????? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????? ???? ??? ???? ?? ????? ??????? ???? ??? ?? ???? ????? ??? ???????? ???

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By Swapnil Prakash Abhang on 13 Oct 20

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Reliance trends - Not allowed to enter the show room

By Jawaid Ahsan on 12 Oct 20

Respected Sir, I am an Assistant Professor of Biotechnology at the Central University of South Bihar (Govt. of India), Gaya, Bihar. I work and reside in Gaya, Bihar. Yesterday evening I wanted to enter the local Reliance Trends outlet (located in APR Mall here) with my wife and 8 yrs old daughter, all three of us were wearing masks, I was wearing an N95 mask with a valve, the security guard at the door did not let me enter the shop, she showed me the notice pasted on the glass door, that is attached here with this email for your reference. The notice read 'The use of masks with valves are prohibited by Govt. Authority. Valves will let the virus droplets escape and infect others.' I asked the guard to call the manager, the manager told me that he has got this from the heads of Reliance Trends to paste it and is directed to not allow the people wearing masks with valves. I asked him which letter of the Government shows that its 'prohibited', he told me that he does not have any letter, he is just following what he has been asked to do. Sir, I am literate person and a research myself, in the field of Biotechnology, work on viruses as well. And I am an aware citizen, I very well understand the difference between 'not recommended' and 'prohibited', I am asking you to please show me a letter from the Government which says that its 'prohibited' to wear such mask? Government can recommend something like this, they can tell us the disadvantages of these, they may appeal us not to wear this type of mask, but they can not 'prohibit' it, prohibition means it comes under certain law, and going against it is a crime or punishable, prohibition word is not the correct word to put here. And not allowing to enter a person just because of this is simply against the consumer ethics and its consumer harassment. And I also know that there are two types of valves, one way and two ways, the two way mask does not infect others, if you think you people are very smart then write all these things, but nevertheless you can not simply 'prohibit' it, show me a letter from the Government where its said its 'prohibited' ! This kind of behaviour is not good at all, and will not be accepted. Please clarify. Thanks a lot. Regards Dr. Jawaid Ahsan Senior Asisstant Professor and Researcher Department of Biotechnology Central University of South Bihar Gaya, Bihar E-mail: [email protected]

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Reliance trends - Harassment & miss behavior from store manager

By Khushboo Mehra on 30 Sep 20

Hii am Khushboo mehra from pathankot i purchased fusion kurta reliance tread near novelty mall i went exchange kurta becouse I tried but i am not comfortable in kurta so going store for exchange but store manager onkar he saying kurta not exchange because your cousin working our store this is not right way plz guide your manager and plz confirm if any rules blood relation doing in store than not exchange,

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Reliance trends - Arrogant behaviour of the staff

By Tejaswini S on 25 Sep 20

I have been a Customer for reliance trends Uttarahalli from the time its opened in that area. The ladies in the morning have been helpful but the recent experience on 23rd September 2020 has been horrible. The attitude of the staff has been so negligible and arrogant and the way they don't want to help customer was very hurtful. They don't even have a feedback box managed at the store. instead of visiting the store its better to get it online.

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Reliance trends - Misbehaviour by staff

By Susant Kumar Mohapatra on 25 Sep 20

Dear Team, I Susant kumar Mohapatra want to state that I am a regular customer of the Dolomundai, Cuttack store since the innaguration of the store. I am extremely disappointed with the service served to me on 9th September 2020.I hereby want to mention that I visited the store on 09/09/2020 to buy some merchandise.I asked for if there is any offer available on any of the merchandise but the salesman misguided me and influenced me to buy the merchandise of a specific brand. Apparently I came to know that there was offer going on but I was misguided by the sales person as well as in the counter. Followingly When I contacted the manager namely "Om Prakash Parija" regarding the grievance he apparently denied any allegation. I spite of my request to take the grievance he said nothing can be done about it as well as misbehaved me. Is this the right way to. behave a customer. So I request you to take the matter seriously and revert back ASAP. Thanks in advance.

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Reliance trends - Regarding billing

By Pooja on 23 Sep 20

Today i visited reliance trends paonta sahib distt sirmour.(hp) -173025 with one of my friend. We both decided to purchase a top each. But during the time of billing we faced very strange and unreasonable behaviour of the sales lady. Firstly without our concern she was planning to merge our of rs1000 with some other person. Secondly she was saying of not giving us our bill and arrogantly told us that we dont make bills for such a small purchase. She was forcing us for a bill of 2500. Although bill was of rs1000. This was strange and i have never faced such an issue on any store but if this is gonna happen in trends then m sorry i cant always visit there for a purchase of rs2500. This doesnt even makes any sense though. Hoping for your concern and action on the matter. Thanks

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Reliance trends - Gachibowli Reliance Trends Manager

By Kavitha on 14 Sep 20

Hi, I have visited Reliance trend Gachibowli Hyderabad and selected few dresses and went to billing but the manager behaved rudely with customers. So please screw him and ensure you don't have that kind of managers. Thanks, Kavitha

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Reliance trends - over crowding due to mismangment in billing not good in covid

By anita on 12 Sep 20

i visit reliance trend shop at durgakund varanasi today is 3 storey / floor building and in which only 2nd floor billing counter was open, rest closed with an excuse that we are keeping less staff due to corona. there were ample of staff for display for increasing selling but not sufficient for billing. lame excuse irresponsible behavior. we waited for around 20 mins just for billing

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