Discount card / inappropriate behaviors or responses towards customer - Click n go

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By Ridham ranjan

A discount card (Valid for 1 year) was issued to me on payment of rs. 8390 on 21th june 2019, from "click n go" whereby it was said that i will be getting 20% discount on all the purchases you made though your credit card either manually or through online. So, I made the payment and the card is received to me. Later I came to know that the card is applicable only on the selected outlets only which was not at all mentioned earlier. Also,While at the time of telephonic conversation it was said that the card would be valid for life time. However, on card its mention that it is valid up to june 2020. Moreover, actually it is not providing more than 5% discount for any purchase while they promised for 20% discount on purchase. And i need to make pre-payment and then use it as coupon. Moreover the procedure is so difficult and it was not explained or attached at the time of selling card. To explain this i made several calls to the "click n go" company and they responded only once in a while. The lady whoever picked the call was unable to explain me or convince, and was very rude and importantly disconnected the call without coming to a conclusion. So when i called back there was no response and no call from company's part. Nobody from "click n go" was really concerned to give prompt responses. This is complete fraud business which this company is running. When you call the customer care, they said that we will take your complain and call back. They will never call back to you. Hence looking into all these acts i have concluded to withdraw my membership from "click n go" and have requested them to refund my money. Regarding this I had already had a telephonic conversation for which they stated that they will resolve issue as soon as possible.It is more than 10 days now and there has been no response since then. Regards Ridham

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