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I purchased phone mi A2 on October 18 for my mother from Amazon that bill attached with it. With in 7 days u can return if phone have prob so my mother checked phone totally except earphone bcos they don't use it So I think phone is perfectly working. After month or 2 month in December I think I used earphone through usb accessories which came with phone to play pubg but it not work so i think problem in usb accessories which is minor prob will get exchange later on bcs there is nothing doubt in mind that problem in its motherboard BCS phone is working perfectly fine after that Jan or Feb I try to exchange usb accessories to mi center but that time I hvnt bill BCS I asked the purchase phone from mine friend who is prime member that time so I arrange it and I got time on March I don't rem exact date I give it to gzb mi center for exchange the same accessories and phone getting heat use long time like play pubg for hr so I submit the phone n accessories they return phone after 4hr after say it's ok and for accessories will exchange after 1 week but they took to exchange it atleast 1 month neway when it came I checked it not working again so they said u hve to leave phone again to centre let it check what happened after 4 hr they said aapne bahar khulwaya hai kya I said me No, mein bahar kyo khulwauga jab I hv facility to show in mi center for 1 year and khulwaya Hota to aapko Ko pata chal jana chayiye bahar khula hai like before Nokia wale Bata dete the n dekhte hi Bata dete khula hai phone we don't check or waranty khatam batana tha le Jane se pehle in black room may be tum se hua ho demage BCS phone tum logo ne Khola first time that I don't knw than so they said Aisa nahi pata chalta yah ki bahar khula hai or nahi so we consider khula hai and u hav to trust on our emply we r so trained we will not demage n I said MATLAB jo khulwayaga or nahi khulwayaga Sab Barabar treat karte they said yes sir phone is demaged so u hve to repair u hve to pay n 9000 I asked y so it's warranty they say I asked reason what is physical demage my phone is new condition girta screen demage manta physical demage but nothing how can say physical demage they say vague answer again physical demage bas I said mere paas mi se Aisa phone aaya hga so it's manufactured default from mi bcos Ander kholje thodi dekha hota meine phone demage or not than they say mi se liya hota karte Amazon se liya woh Jane we don't know than I try to talk Amazon they said we will help u by replace motherboard by manufacturer or return phone to Amazon n they take atleast around 2 month after following regularly they said we don't know ask the manufacturer means mi than I talk to customer care of mi they said go to mi service center dubara check karwqye jobsheet banwye purani ho gyi new jobsheet banwaye so I go to Gurgaon service center that time I am in Gurgaon they refused to take again check phone after 1hr argument but they hvnt make job sheet again and checked phone physically n Alok the person who service manager said Ur genuine n there is no liquid demage but don't know how it demage I give u to 40 percent discount I asked again the reason behind he said same no liquid demage it's physical demage gira hga n I said if gira hga to screen dmage or kuch scratch hgw but there no scratch but he given no answer conclusions: I don't know what is the proof that I got gud phone may be phone is defected from mi or Amazon send to me or when I given to mi center for check tab demage hua ho I am not there n they do all in room ne possiblity because demage on motherboard it happened after open phone r & d that is open hua jo first time mi center mein hua so Wahi demage hua hga finally they making me

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