Fraud - Biotech enterprises

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By Mahjabeen Shah

Few days back i got a message about work from home job. Since i am a housewife i was highly interested in the offer as they were offering a good sum. So i contacted them and went for an interview after going there i realized they dont take interviews they just check our cv and assign us for task. I was told about copywriting a novel and there were two sub types of if for 200 pages they were offering 100 rs per page and for 300 pages they were offering 120 rs per page. At first i was really happy by the payment but then they asked me to pay 8000 rs for starting my work. 2000 was non refundable which was the processing charge and 6000 was refundable in every salary which was security amount. I was really confused at that time so i just paid 1000 rs and told them about contacting later. When i came home i spoke to few of my friends who told me it is a scam and no authorize company ask for money. So i googled about them to get the details and boom there were no information about anything on any sites. I really think they are fraud and playing with people and some action should be taken against them. If not any action then atleast an enquirt should be done for it.

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