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By Ruchi

Pest control guy - Chennareddy has took money INR 1200 in advance for performing Pest control service at my apartment. However after taking the full amount he did not finish the treatment. First day he did the half job and left, promising he will finish the rest of the job next week. But he didn't return and Stop responding to my calls. The half work done by him was ineffective and completly waste of my money. I want my money back as neither he has completed the work nor his work was effective. He gave 6 months warranty on Bill but not even for 1 day his treatment was effective. He has done this to many of my neighbour. He is simply looting to people and applying useless paste in the name of Pest control treatment. Sir please help me as he is not responding to my calls.

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Ruchi  (1 year ago)
Mobile no for Pest control guy is 9740191285. His name is Chennareddy.
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