Delay in broadband connection even after paying in advance - Airtel bharti

In Internet Services

By Niharika Goyal

I have been asked the Airtel company for the new broadband connection at my home. The airtel agent told me it will take only 3-4 hours after documentation /payment for the installation of a new connection. On Friday morning I was told that by Friday EOD the connection will do and hence in the Friday morning itself I asked them to do the documentation but the agent came in the evening for documentation. Hence I did the documentation and done the payment on Friday. And told me that maximum by Monday the installation will be done. But another supervisor with whom I was coordinating on phone told me that by Friday evening the installation will be done. On calling again on Monday the executives were not answering the call and when called by the different number they informed me that the connection will be done by Tuesday afternoon. This process is being continued and I am mentally tortured and is affecting my work life since I am not able to do my office work. airtel reference number 94072106050972.

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