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By Sujeet Kumar Singh

Dear Sir, I have bought a refurbished mobile Google pixel 2 of unboxed like new category phone for Rs.19990 which is not working properly. As I have submitted for return for several times but all the times I got a result that seller is not refunding. Two times they did tech visit by Jeeves services, the technican who visited and checked the phone he is also not mentioning the exact issue to the concerning team because when he came to check he also found errors and issues while operating or browsing a web page but he didn't conveyed the exact issue . The issue with the phone is it's getting heated by using normally and touch pad issues through out the screen. I have asked several times from to get it refund but they said the concerning team is working on it and with contact you within 4 hours but they doesn't. Today also I call to know what is the status of my refund application but they said "now you have to go to F1 service center for service" I told them why should I go for service when I got a new phone but they didn't do anything. They sold me a phone with issues and not returning it just saying go n take service.why should I go for that. I am so upset by these kind of fraud. These kind of company/service/people are making INDIA worst in service. I am begging you to please get out of me here by returning it and refund my money. Thank you. Complaints -

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