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By Tanmay Panchal

Zeeper shop - My order not received my address By Tanmay Panchal on 11 Sep 19 Dear sir my order shoe zeeper shop my order I'd 1177791 pay 511rs paytm account paid not order received zeeper shop plz check refund my 511rs amount ... Hi Tanmay, Just to let you know — we've received your order #1177791, and it is now being processed: [Order #1177791] (September 11, 2019) Product Quantity Price Men Casual Lace Up Breathable Thin Shoes F5 - 8 1 255.50Rs. Spring Running Sports Breathable Portable Wear-resistant Non-slip Sneakers DR6 - 8 1 255.50Rs. Subtotal: 511.00Rs. Payment method: Paytm Total: 511.00Rs.

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